Online TeeTimes works with many golf clubs to increase their revenue from visitor rounds, through the retail website  We work hard to get a golf club’s tee times seen by as many golfers as possible and this includes partnering with key players in golf in South Africa to sell tee times. These include:

and more.

Our core product is our online booking engine but we also provide golf clubs with a number of services:

*Weekly Promotion of your course - We promote any offers you might be running to our database of emails via our weekly email. This service is very popular with UK and Irish clubs as it can help them to sell late availability & cancelled outings and can be used to let thousands of golfers know that you are offering a special.

*OTL provides full customer support to golf clubs and golfers - We work with golf clubs individually to provide strategies to maximise green fee revenue.

*Visitor booking engine on your website - Our service also includes an option for you to allow golfers to book a game of golf on your own club website, via a bespoke booking engine for your tee times. This is a great source of extra revenue for clubs and is especially useful for clubs that do not currently have an electronic timesheet. To see an example how this works please visit Putting that facility in place for you only takes a few minutes!

To find out more about our service and how we can help sell your tee time availability contact Andrew.

How the booking system works

Step 1: Complete the course sign up form on this website (5 minutes).

Step2: We then create your course information pages on the booking engine which includes your course scorecard, description, photos and directions. We also confirm your chosen cancellation policy and club rules which get sent to all golfers at the time of booking.

Step3: You allocate tee times and prices and we load these onto the booking engine. It is important to note that the club can take back these times if needed. We would never want clubs to forego a revenue opportunity if we haven’t sold the teetime.

Step4: When a website booking is made, you will receive a confirmation email (sent to a number of confirmation emails as chosen by you). The booker then pays you the amount due, on arrival.

We work in over 600 clubs in the UK & Ireland:
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Did you know: Research of online bookings made in 2009 in the UK showed that 72% of bookings were made outside of office hours. Golfers want to book their golf anytime!